Saturday, March 14, 2009

New links, the Israeli health care system

Hello All!
I updated the links on the web companion with some links for good information on the Israeli health care system.

And to read about some of the problems, inequality, and social injustice in the system and the society -

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  1. Regarding Glick's interview ... as an American with an outsiders view of the Israeli socialized medical system, I was surprised to read that there is such competition among the health funds/HMO's (I would call them HMO's ... dirty word though it is). I think something akin to this is happening in Mass. with universal coverage via already existing HMO's. It seems it takes only the specter of profit to cause competitive measures such as direct referrals. I was a little put off by Dr. Glick's anecdote about a death caused by the symptom of free market forces. I would like to know more about this particular case and his view of how it could have been prevented and what the Israeli gov't plans to do about future situations. Why is it legal to have direct referrals to specialists anyway, if it can be lethal? What are the benefits of direct referrals, if there are any? BTW, by direct referrals I'm talking about not going through a primary care provider "gate keeper" prior to referral to specialist care and, beyond that, the ability for a specialist to initiate new medications/surgeries without consultation w/ a primary care provider.